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vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

Starting Of Blizzcon 2010 (Diablo Last Char)

It's 22nd of October 2010 and BlizzCon began today.. :D The convention held by Blizzard started of by the introducing of the 5th and last character of Diablo III, that i will be presenting to you....

The Demon Hunter

I'm not gonna write books here so i'll sum it up a little bit: The Demon Hunter is really cool with two twin crossbows and a few really cool skills like The Fan of Knives, Bola or Grenade... I don't actually have pictures because it was just released today but for some pics and video walkthrough of Diablo III and the Demon Hunter go to this link  http://us.blizzard.com/diablo3/media/screenshots.xml#135 which is Blizzard's official page for The Demon Hunter and more Diablo III Characters....


marți, 5 octombrie 2010

joi, 30 septembrie 2010

sâmbătă, 25 septembrie 2010

The entire gaming gear (re-blogged from Reaper-Game-Network.tumblr.com)

I wonder who has all of them... ?

It's kinda true (reblogged from Reaper-Game-Network.tumblr.com)

I must really agree with him LOL! :D

PS3 vs. XBOX360

PS3 Pros: It has great graphics, great blu-ray player and Playstation Network, it makes your old movies look like brand new ones but also has nice games and great chrome black on it.
PS3 Cons: It has a stuffy controller and boxy shape.. as for the Playstation Network it's very hard to access and needs a lot of applications to access social networks like, Facebook or Twitter.The PS3 has also 53.3% breaking chance as the X360 has 34.6% breaking chance...

Xbox360 Pros: It has slightly better graphics than the PS3 therefor it has great graphics, a wonderful online network with easy access apps and downloadable games.. and also when you download a X360 game you can immediately play , but for the PS3 after you download it you must install it... great texture and the controller is smooth and sophisticated.Also the X360 uses less energy than the PS3 and there is less overheating.. 

Xbox360 Cons: There is the thing about X360 live, you must pay $50 a year to have access to the internet or to play online games.. also there is the RROD or the Red Ring Of Death.. the problem with the drive.. when your X360 just error's and dies.. R.I.P.Another minor problem is the brick recharger and it's huge texture.

Metronic-Gamers result: I must go with great graphics and less energy... no offence to the PS3 owners but i pick X360... and just to remind you this is just my opinion and you do not have to take it as an offence of any kind as i consider the PS3 a great gaming console...

Thx for reading this VS and stay tuned for the next Nindtendo DS vs PSP 3000 :)

marți, 21 septembrie 2010


                                                      OK OK 

yeah.. well..

Well isn't that what we do??? :D

luni, 20 septembrie 2010

duminică, 19 septembrie 2010


As a gamer, i've always been addressed to as:Get A Life.. well this photo begs to differ.. :D

Homer's Creed

Homer's Obsession for donuts has gone a little to far don't you think?? :D

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